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The Association has numerous committees staffed by volunteer Judges and Commissioners that work to improve various areas of the Superior Court system in Washington. Membership is open to all Superior Court Judges, and many are open to Superior Court Commissioners.

SCJA Standing Committees

Committee Chair(s)
Civil Law and Rules Judge Elizabeth Martin
Criminal Law and Rules Judge Sam F. Cozza
Equality and Fairness Judge Eric Z. Lucas
Judicial Education Judge T. W. Small &
Commissioner Jacalyn D. Brudvik
Family and Juvenile Law Judge Anne Hirsch &
Commissioner Michelle Ressa
Guardianship and Probate Judge Robert A. Lewis
Judicial Ethics Judge Michael H. Evans
Legislative Judge Kitty-Ann van Doorninck &
Judge Stephen Warning
Public Outreach Judge Veronica Alicea-Galván
Pension and Benefits Judge Blaine G. Gibson
Rural Courts Judge John Hotchkiss
Technology Judge Gary B. Bashor
Therapeutic Courts Judge Joseph Wilson
Janet Skreen
PO Box 11470
Olympia, WA 98504
Phone: (360) 705-5252


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