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Family and Juvenile Law Committee

The Family and Juvenile Law Committee:

  • Provides leadership and advocacy to assure a court system that is responsive, accessible and accountable.
  • Reviews and recommends changes to family and juvenile substantive and procedural law, includings legislative changes to the Juvenile Code, Domestic Relations Code, and Child Support Schedule.
  • Monitors and report on proposed changes to Juvenile Court Rules.
  • Reviews and provides input to the Family Law, Juvenile Offender, and Juvenile Non-offender Benchbooks.
  • Advocates for greater consistency in local rules and procedures as appropriate.
  • Conducts site visits to Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration Institutions.
  • Leads the Court Improvement Program (CIP) Steering Committee which oversees federal grant funding for improvements to dependency courts.

Committee Co-Chairs – Judge Lori Kay Smith & Commissioner Michelle Ressa

Committee Members

Comm. Craig S. Adams Judge Anne Hirsch
Comm. Michelle Adams Judge Elizabeth J. Berns
Comm. Sabrina Ahrens Judge Marybeth Dingledy
Comm. Tami Chavez Judge Amber Finlay
Judge Julia Garratt Comm. Mark Gelman
Judge Helen Halpert Comm. Diana L. Kiesel
Judge David A. Kurtz Comm. Jonathon Lack
Comm. Jennie Laird Comm. Robyn Lindsay
Judge Barbara A. Mack Comm. Barbara McInvaille
Comm. Kevin S. Naught Judge Kathryn Nelson
Judge Nicole A. G. Phelps Judge Richard Okrent
Comm. Pamela Peterson Comm. Jerri G. Potts
Judge James E. Rulli Comm. Rani Sampson
Judge Susan Serko Comm. Jacqueline I. Stam
Judge Lori Kay Smith Judge Tanya Thorp
Comm. Lee B. Tinney Judge Kitty-Ann van Doorninck
Judge M. Scott Wolfram
Washington Association of Juvenile
Court Administrators Liaison
 Dennis Rabidou
Tribal Liaison – Judge Jerry Ford

Northwest Intertribal Court System


AOC Contact – Cindy Bricker
Administrative Office of the Courts
PO Box 41170
Olympia WA 98504-1170

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