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Judicial Ethics

The Judicial Ethics Committee is charged with:

  • Maintaining liaison with the Commission on Judicial Conduct and the Ethics Advisory Committee.
  • Reviewing and recommending changes in the Code of Judicial Conduct.
  • Educating members of the judiciary on the Code of Judicial Conduct.
  • Coordinating with the judicial assistance program at the WSBA, preparing a program statement, and assembling files of referral resources.
  • Submitting reports, as appropriate, for Spring and Fall Conferences.

Committee Chair – Judge Michael H. Evans

Committee Members

Judge John Chun Judge David Estudillo
Judge David A. Kurtz Judge Chris Lanese
Judge Barbara A. Mack Judge Richard McDermott
Judge John McHale Judge Catherine Moore
Judge Richard Okrent Comm. Michelle L. Ressa
 Judge Kristin Richardson Judge Jean A. Rietschel
Judge John R. Ruhl Judge Susan K. Serko
Judge Matthew Williams


AOC Contact – Shannon Hinchcliffe
Administrative Office of the Courts
PO Box 41170
Olympia, WA 98504-1170

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