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Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee:

  • Proposes, screens, tracks and responds to policy and funding initiatives that are considered by the State Legislature that impact the administration of justice. Each year the SCJA Legislative Committee proposes an agenda to the SCJA Board of Trustees.  The Legislative Agenda includes requested advocacy on behalf of the Washington Association of Juvenile Court Administrators.
  • Takes positions on bills filed by the State Legislature, and advises legislators and staff of the SJCA’s position on bills through the SCJA legislative liaison.  The SCJA legislative committee might also propose amended bill language to legislators or staff.
  • During the interim, the SCJA Legislative Committee members represent the Association on committees or workgroups created by the Legislature.

Committee Chairs – Judge Stephen Warning & Judge Kitty-Ann van Doorninck

Committee Members

Comm. Rachelle Anderson Judge Harold D. Clarke, III
Judge Michael T. Downes Judge Blaine G. Gibson
Judge David S. Keenan Judge Eric Z. Lucas
Judge Sean Patrick O’Donnell Judge Jeffrey Ramsdell
 Comm. Michelle L. Ressa Judge Roger Rogoff
Judge Lori Kay Smith Judge Joseph Wilson
Judge Mary Sue Wilson
Legislative Representative – Tom Parker Washington Association of Juvenile Court
Administrators Liaisons –
Darryl L. Banks, Peter A. Peterson, and Andrew Somers

AOC Contact – Janet Skreen
Administrative Office of the Courts
PO Box 41170
Olympia, WA 98504-1170

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