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Rural Courts Committee

The Rural Courts Committee is charged with:

  • Reviewing the impact of state-mandated programs, court rules and legislation on rural courts.
  • Reviewing caseflow management in rural courts, including the relative benefits of state-operated programs versus locally-developed approaches.
  • Considering court administration unique to rural courts, including the concerns of multi-county judicial districts and the sharing of judicial resources.
  • Reviewing the effect of canons of judicial conduct in rural courts.
  • Considering the administration of recusal/removal process in rural courts.
  • Considering enhancement of local/regional availability of resources in rural courts.
  • Developing means to assist rural judges in dealing with isolation, visibility and stress inherent in rural judicial service.
  • Developing minimum standards for rural courts for funding, staffing and court operations.
  • Reviewing means to improve jury administration in rural courts.
  • Exploring means to provide legal services for indigent litigants and affidavits for establishing indigency in rural courts.
  • Establishing a clearinghouse for tried and proven procedures for rural courts.
  • Inquiring into ways of representing the interests, improving the relationships in behalf of rural courts with local and state legislative.

Committee Chair – Judge John Hotchkiss


Judge Donald E. Eaton Judge Donald E. Eaton
Judge Marilyn K. Haan Judge Alan R. Hancock
Judge Gary Libey  Judge John F. Strohmaier


Contact – Sondra Hohn
Administrative Office of the Courts
PO Box 41170
Olympia, WA 98504-1170
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